You might be looking for Blades (episode).

Blades was a camper who went to camp for a week before being kicked out due to getting Pierre kidnapped by Boscoe. The bus he left on ended up being crashed into a wall. Blades died during the crash. He was apart of the Groupon Kidz Club.

Trivia Edit

  • He first appeared in the episode "Blades".
  • He is the first and only camper EVER to have a name that does not start with a "P".
  • He is the first camper to not have an official team. His only affiliation was confirmed to be "Groupon Kidz Club" by one of the show's writers.
  • He is the first and only character to be killed off.
  • Blades joined the cast as an attempt to advertise Groupon to younger audiences. This did not work out, so he was killed off. He only aired in the 5 episodes during PiningBomb 4.