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Summer camps can be many things. Competitions. Rivalries. And most of all, a tenacious battlefield... of love. This summer, school's out, and these bloomin' young teens have set out for a lifetime of an adventure in Camp Pining Hearts Canada, on a mission out of the city life to see who's the best, and who's the jest. Paulette Pines is a hopeless romantic deeply in love with the school athletic and hunk Percy Hope, but she stands no chance against her competitors in the race for true love. What desperate dirty tricks will people pull to get what they want..?

Camp Pining Hearts is a Canadian romantic drama set on a campgrounds in the Canadian wilderness, brought to you by Pines Family Productions.


Which is your favorite episode of "Down the Rabbit Hole"?

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Current EventsEdit

5/12/16- Stay tuned for Down the Rabbit Hole, a 4 week special event coming tomorrow...

Down the Rabbit Hole

5/16/16- WARNING! New clips have been leaked! These are NOT promos, they are MAJOR LEAKS that will RUIN the next upcoming Pining Bomb. Dodge them like a dodge ball at all costs. Please do not discuss on them on these forums or on the wiki if you have already seen them. The following episodes have been leaked:

  • Same Old Camp
  • Night by the Pond
  • The Letter
  • Second Thought