Pointless background details or hints? Animation error or Foreshadowing?

This is the place to list all the odd details we spot from each episode and the theories we make from them. Please remember that theories with A LOT of visible evidence OR have been proven true go here with everything else in the Forums.

TV Movie Special Edit

The multi part special came out right after season 3 so many think it is part of season two, but it doesn't seem so.

  • The biggest clue is the advertising for the VHS, its trailer is separate from the rest of the show.

Clues in the special are:

  • Pan and Parker are calmly standing next to each other at the beginning, this makes no sense considering the events in 'Preschool Child' and 'Old Terry'.
  • The camp nurse suddenly has purple highlights in her hair instead of blond. No one remarks on this.
  • The overall mood of the camp does not fit, considering what happened to Blake.