The Colour War (also spelled as "Color War" by American fans) is a war that has been raging on since 1957. Fans have pieced together the long history by using subtext and subtle easter eggs in the episodes

History Edit

In 1957, the first few campers were sitting around the campfire. Paulette's great grandmother, Peggy Pines, decided to make poutine for the camp. Although, another camper, Preston Palaski, thought that hot dogs should be made, as they were the superior food. The camp was shocked at this. Canadians are known to stay true to their heritage by eating primarily poutine. Preston was dissing the heritage! Then, Patrick Pavon stood, claiming that roast-beef with maple syrup was the best food out there.

An argument broke out that lasted 2 days and nights.

On the 3rd day, Counselor Jonah decided the only good way to resolve the argument was by creating teams. It began with only four teams: Blue, Yellow, White, and Pink.

Blue Team was for those who believed poutine was superior.

Yellow Team was for those who believed hot dogs were the best.

White Team was for the ones who believed roast-beef with maple syrup was the finest food.

Pink Team was for the ones who believed Canadian bacon was the supreme meal.

This battle has separated the camp for ages, and over time, new teams have been made. Examples of some of the new teams are:


  • It is custom at the camp that whichever team your ancestors were apart of, that is the team you join when you arrive at camp.
  • The Colour War has been misspelled in many episodes.