Here is a complete list of all the episodes of Camp Pining Hearts so far.

Season 1 Edit

  • Swim Test – The counselors test everyone’s ability to swim in the lake.
  • Bullseye Over My Heart – Competition continues as the campers learn safety rules at the archery field.
  • Ice Cream Cat - Percy eats ice cream, which suddenly gives him amazing swimming abilities.
  • Like A Phoenix From The Ashes - Phoenix realizes his dreams to become a firefighter.
  • Total Pining Drama - A special counselor comes to camp. (Special guest Christian Potenza stars as Chris McLean!)
  • French Girls - An art contest is held.
  • Poison words Whispered In Poison Plants – Puck spreads half truths around the camp.
  • Dunked On - Pierre has an unlucky day and gives his fellow campers a bad time over it.
  • Bee and Poppy's Cat - Poppy loses the camp cat when it chases a bee.
  • Oathbreakers - Pierre lies to a counselor.
  • Campo de Pining Corazon! - People around the camp learn Spanish.
  • Baker's Dozen - Percy hides a secret.
  • Sleepover Slumber Fun Time (PART 1)- A sleepover for all teams is held to ease tension.
  • Sleepover Slumber Fun Time (PART 2)- A sleepover for all teams to ease tension continues.
  • Under The Falling Stars - Promises are made and betrayals are revealed during a meteor shower.

Season 2 Edit

  • Hue Are the One - Paulette admits her feelings to a friend.
  • Cutthroat Camper - Pierre and Percy sabotage each other in a poutine-making contest.
  • Stefano Galaxy - Paulette, Pierre, and Percy try to settle differences by watching TV.
  • Hold the Light Steady (PART 1) - The campers get lost in the caverns.
  • Hold the Light Steady (PART 2) - The campers escape the caverns.
  • Thinly Veiled Ghibli Reference - Many odd and absolutely uncanny occurrences happen around camp and to ALL of the campers.
  • Blades - A strange new camper comes to camp.
  • Capture The Flag - A capture the flag competition is held.
  • Fine Job, Bros - Perseus tries to copyright poutine and comical disaster ensues.
  • Mackey Moose Clubhoose - Yellow Team goes to court.
  • If Only - Paulette learns the true meaning of regret.
  • Moose On The Loose – A wild moose walks around camp, disrupting everything.
  • Stoneskipper - The campers return to the lake to find that a new team has entered the Colour War.
  • Castle Of Cards – On a rainy day, the campers build a large card house and talk.

Season 3 Edit

  • Monster in the Woods – Campers are convinced there is a large creature sneaking around the woods.
  • Lost and Found – A camper misplaces something important.
  • Doggy Chimp Child- Blades makes a horrifying creature to advertise a soda.
  • Lost and Found - Percy finds a necklace that might help him find clues to where his mother's corpse is!
  • Don't Embrace Me, I'm Emotionally Compromised - Pixie makes a puppet show for the campers.
  • Brandish That Sword - Pearl becomes a sword-fighter and bodyguard when a girl without a name that starts with a "P" comes to camp.
  • The Raftstick Festival - Paulette competes fiercely in the raft race.
  • Around the Campfire - The campers try to bond and learn of a secret.
  • For You - The campers fight to save Percy from danger.
  • The Case of the Stolen Sword - Pearl's sword goes missing, and signs point to Percy being the culprit!
  • How I Met My Long-Lost Half-Step-Brother - Phoenix finds out that Percy is his long-lost half-step-brother on his adopted mother's ex-wife's side of the family.
  • Pining Kidz Club - The campers create a cool new club.
  • Preschool Child - A strange alien follows Paulette.
  • Old Terry – The Camper try to catch the legendary super large fish in the lake.
  • Blades Dies in a Car Accident- Blades dies in a car accident.
  • Overheard - An overheard conversation of the Camp Master has campers wondering if Blades is really dead.

TV Movie Special** Edit

  • Percy in Wonderland - Percy falls down a rabbit hole and enters a strange new land where anything is possible.
  • Never-ending Hall of Shame - Percy must repent to escape a never-ending hallway.
  • The Rad Hatter - Blades makes an epic appearance.
  • Queen of Blue Hearts - To escape Wonderland, Percy has to play archery with the Queen of Blue Hearts.
  • No Place Like Home - Thinking Percy is gone forever, all the campers recalls their fondest memories about him.

** While the TV Special seems to fit best at the end of Season Three, a few things do not line up. See the Clues page for the full list.