Season 1Edit

-In "Capture The Flag" the Canadian flag on the Purple Cabin was accidentally animated red instead of green.

-in "Ice Cream Cat" the word color is spelled in the American way and not in the Canadian way (Colour)

-In "For You" Phoenix's name is misspelled as Pheonecks on the camper roster.

-In "Stoneskipper" Counselor Jeff's tattoo was on the wrong arm.

-In "Like A Phoenix From The Ashes" Phoenix's hat was orange instead of purple.

Season 2Edit

-In "Lockrock Resort" The amount of water in the resort's swimming pool varies widely between shots.

-In "Preschool Child" Paulette's hair is darker than Counselor Jeff's hair. In no possible lighting would anybody's hair EVER be as dark as Counselor Jeff's.

-In "Thinly Veiled Ghibli Reference" Charles The Goat ate Phoenix's hat. It later appeared in "Brandish That Sword" with no explanation of how he got it back. It has been worn in every episode since.