PJ 'Pablo Jared' Smith is a camper at Camp Pining Hearts. He is on the Yellow Team.

Appearance Edit

PJ has short black hair and blue eyes. He wears the regular uniform with a gray shirt under it. He wears a yellow bandana around his neck that has sequins along the edge. More often that not, he has a plants field guide book in his pocket.

Personality Edit

PJ is rather easy going as long as you do not bully anyone around him. He likes nature. A lot.

Relationships Edit

Patience Edit

Patience spends a lot of time with PJ because she is actually PJ's twin sister. Their parents got divorced years ago and camp is the only time they get to spend time together. When this comes to light during "Sleepover Slumber Fun Time" Parts 1 and 2, the fandom's romantic shipping between the two stopped instantly.


PJ is shown to hate Perseus, due to how he tried to copyright poutine. We can see them punching each other in the background during "Fine Job, Bros." In addition, before Perseus and Patience were friends, Perseus tried to steal Patience's money behind her back. This angered PJ, and he swore revenge on Perseus.


  • PJ seems to care very little for the Colour War.
  • He plans to go to college to be a biologist. His goal is to identify every plant, animal, and rock at the camp; he has a binder full of information on what he has done so far.