Patience Pristine is a camper at Camp Pining Hearts. She is a member of the Pink Team.


Patience is a tall but chubby girl who has lavender/light purple hair and blue eyes. Her uniform is the typical brown jumpsuit. However, she bedazzled her hat to have a pink diamond covered in sequins and fake jewels. When Patience is not wearing the hat, she has a pink headband on. She has a lily in her hair that somehow never dies, considering that it's never been watered.


Patience is shown to be very kind overall, but can be very arrogant and pigheaded on some occasions.


PJ Edit

PJ spends a lot of time with Patience because he is actually Patience's twin brother. Their parents got divorced years ago and camp is the only time they get to spend time together. When this comes to light during 'Sleepover Slumber Fun Time' Part 1 and 2, the fandoms romantic shipping between the two stopped instantly.


Patience has shown to bicker with Pierre a lot when the teams meet up at the campfire to tell stories every week. Not much else is known about their relationship.


In a flashback during "Bee and Poppy's Cat", Patience is shown teaching Poppy how to care for her cat. In the same flashback, they are seen hanging out together in the pool and playfully shoving each other into the water.


In "No Place Like Home", when Patience tells her story about when she met Percy, she says "It was the same day I dumped that jerk, Penn." Not only does this explain why Patience tries to punch Penn countless times, but it shows they are enemies and used to date.


  • Patience is Hispanic, as she was shown to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and Día de Muertos.
  • She has hippophobia (the fear of horses).