Paulette Pines is a camper part of the Blue Team at Camp Pining Hearts. She has shown to have feelings for Percy, a member of the Yellow Team. Although, since they are on separate teams, they cannot get together.

Appearance Edit

Paulette has a red-brown hair. Her eyes are a shade of brown, and she wears a a baseball cap that has a blue diamond symbol on it, which is her team's symbol. She has a brown uniform with a large blue blow on her neck.

Relationships Edit


As seen in the episode "Hue Are the One", it is revealed that Paulette loves Percy and wishes to be with him. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, she cannot be with him due to the Color War. Other than that, they have an overall positive relationship.


Paulette tries to be friends with Pierre, but he is too ignorant and obnoxious for Paulette. She wants to get away from him. Although, as revealed in "Around the Campfire", her mother, Polly Pines, told Paulette to be in a relationship with Pierre due to his father having tons of money that he would give to the one who married Pierre.


  • Paulette's great grandmother is Peggy Pines, founder of the Blue Team.