Pembroke Breckin is a camper at Camp Pining Hearts. They are a member on the Pink Team.

Appearance Edit

Pembroke Breckin has pale blond hair, dark gray eyes, and lots of freckles. Their uniform is a bit ill fitting, likely on purpose. When swimming at the lake, they wear a long baggy shirt.

Relationships Edit


In the episode "Percy in Wonderland", when the Pink Team is chasing down the Yellow Team, Parker is seen hiding behind a tree staring at Pembroke. In "Mystical School Bus", a glimpse of Parker's diary is seen, which reveals that he has a crush on Pembroke.


Poppy and Pembroke appear to be friends. However, some people believe they are in love with each other. In "Bee and Poppy's Cat" when Pembroke helps Poppy find her cat, Seed, Poppy kisses Pembroke on the cheek and blushes. When Pembroke stares at her oddly, Poppy runs off while mumbling something. Many theorists suggest that she was talking about how she "ruined her chances with her crush". However, this is not confirmed.

Trivia Edit

  • While it is never outright stated as such, it is a common theory that Pembroke is nonbinary. There is a lot of evidence in the show. The largest source of evidence is how whenever someone does not use they/them pronouns regarding Pembroke, they look very annoyed.
  • It is commonly believed that if Pembroke could live in a canoe, they would.
  • Both Parker and Poppy have small crushes on Pembroke.
  • In this day and age, a character like Pembroke is unusual but welcome, representation wise.