Penny Cooper is a camper at Camp Pining Hearts. She is a member on the White Team.


Penny has brown hair and eyes. She is never shown wearing a camp hat. Instead, her hair is held back by butterfly clips. She wears the typical girls uniform aside from the lack of hat.

In a side by side comparison when everyone was swimming in the lake, it is easy to see that Penny is easily the most overall muscular of the girls.


  • When she shows it, Penny has the most dead-pan sense out of humor of all the campers and councilors.
  • Her hair clips are never shown to be the same color from episode to episode with the exception of the two-part episodes that take place over the course of the same day.
  • Her last name is a letter away from  ‘Copper’ which is what pennies are made of.
  • When she is seen briefly in the background she seems to be carrying construction supplies. Other campers jokingly claim she is building a treehouse in the woods around camp but no one actually knows for sure.
  • The season 2 episode ‘Monster In The Woods’, where it is revealed she, in fact, is building a treehouse, and what campers though was a monster disappearing from sight and rustling tree branches was Penny climbing trees.
  • Her skill at tree climbing (which Pepito remark on as ‘squirrel like’) makes her skilled at ‘capture the flag’.