Percy Palaski is a camper at Camp Pining Hearts.


Percy has bright blonde hear. His eyes are a shade of blue. He wears a a baseball cap, which he usually can be seen wearing sideways, holding a yellow diamond sign, which is his team's symbol. He has a green jacket, with a yellow diamond sign in both sides. He has a pocket on his jacket pocket which holds a yellow handkerchief. Under the jacket is shown to be a dark black shirt. He has a silver necklace, which he is shown to wear every episode. In the episode "Lost and Found" it is revealed that his mother gave the necklace to him before she died. This explains why he where's the necklace every episode.



He has shown to have a relationship with a fellow camper, Paulette. In fact, he has shown to be so committed to their relationship he lost a canoe race he was winning, because he was drooling over Paulette. He also, at one time, swam to the bottom of the lake just to achieve Paulette's friendship bracelet. As shown in "Hue Are the One", he wants to be with Paulette but due to the Colour War, he cannot be with her.


Percy seems to hate Pierre on the outside, but in "Sleepover Slumber Fun Time", it is revealed that Percy does have some deep feelings for Pierre. Although, he believes that if he tries to tell Pierre, he would think it was some kind of trap to steal Paulette.

Since Paulette hates Pierre and Percy also wants Paulette, Percy tries to make it seem like he hates Pierre.

In the episode "Baker's Dozen" Percy trusts Pierre with the secret that Percy has Triscadepaphobia. (A deep-rooted fear of the number 13) Pierre has been loyal in keeping Percy's secret.


In "If Only" Pheonix is revealed to be Percy's long-lost half-step-brother on his adopted mother's ex-wife's side of the family. Percy is moved to tears when they are reunited in the episode "How I Met My Long-Lost Half-Step-Brother".

Trivia Edit

  • Percy's great grandfather is Preston Palaski, the founder of Yellow Team. He is secretly ashamed of this.
  • Percy hides his shame by eating poutine every day.