Peridot is a camper at Camp Pining Hearts. She is on the Yellow Team.


Peridot is very short, measuring at about 5'2. She wears an olive green jacket with jeans and wears glasses with green lenses and rims. Peridot is usually seen wearing gloves with the finger holes cut out. She wears a green hijab, so her hair is not seen very often. However, in pictures from various episodes, we can see that Peridot has short and messy light green hair. For an unknown reason, she doesn't wear shoes; just socks with diamonds on them.


In the first season, Peridot comes off as a know-it-all and is very secretive. However, in the follow seasons, she becomes more loyal to her friends. When the Yellow Team counselor tried to kick Pearl out from camp for trying to steal a kayak, Peridot stood up to the counselor by calling her a clod. Peridot is also very caring. When Peter passed out while digging a hole, she rushed over to heal him.



Pearl and Peridot are some of the closest friends at camp. Pearl taught Peridot how to defend herself and how to stand up to people. Over time, they have become more trustworthy of each other and are constantly helping each other. They work together numerous times to build things, such as the drill that Camp Counselor Jamie needed to build a boat in "Old Terry".


Peridot despises Paulette. She believes that Paulette is ruining Percy and Pierre's relationship.


  • In the first season, Peridot wore high heels in an attempt to look taller. However, in Season 2, Peridot fell into the lake and lost her high heels. She now wears socks constantly.
  • In "Moose on the Loose", when the moose eats Peridot's papers, a glimpse of her papers shows that she wrote down an incredibly complex theory on how all humans are actually robots, and each person has their own identification code. She claims that hers is "Facet 2F5L Cut 5XG".
  • Peridot ran away from her home in Oklahoma to escape her aggressive and very orange mother who wanted her to become buff and her sister who kept trying to drown her. There are theories that they are still looking for her.
  • Peridot is shown to have an incredibly great memory. In "Poison Words Whispered In Poison Plants", when Peter plays his guitar, she memorizes the entire scale he played.
  • Peridot is muslim.