Peter Kuneho is a camper at Camp Pining Hearts. He is presumed to be a member on the Blue Team, due to his blue bandanna.

Appearance Edit

Peter has black/dark brown eyes. His hair color is unknown, as he is always wearing a blue bandanna, even while sleeping and swimming. He has braces.

Relationships Edit


While not saying anything to anyone about it for most of the series, he gives several signs that he likes Patty. It takes until the very end of season two that the crush he has on her is mutual.

Trivia Edit

  • He reveals in the episode ‘Castle Of Cards’ that his grandparents were from the Philippines and writes to his relatives there. 
  • He is bilingual. 
  • His favorite activity by far at camp is the Archery Field. His enthusiasm at it does not diminish throughout the series.
  • He hates the ‘Peter Cotton Tail’ song so much.
  • When ever a camper asks him how to say rude things in Filipino, he lies and teaches them annoying puns instead according to the subtitles that appear on the screen. Translations for polite phrases and the like are translated honestly.