Pierre Pavon is a camper at Camp Pining Hearts. He is a member on the White Team.

Appearance Edit

Pierre has messy black hair. His eyes are hazel, and he wears a a baseball cap that has a white diamond symbol on it, which is his team's symbol. Much like the other campers, Pierre has a brown uniform on. He wears orange slap bracelets on his arms, making them look like stripes. He has an orange scar near his eye and one on his neck.

Relationships Edit


Pierre appears to be jealous of Percy because Paulette likes him best. He always tries to make him lose contests so Paulette will be impressed. Although, Pierre is shown to have a tiny bit of acceptance of Percy. In "Bakers Dozen", Percy tells Pierre his secret that he hasn't told anybody, not even Paulette. Pierre has been loyal and kept this secret.

Pierre has feelings for Percy. When Pierre and Percy got stuck in the cavern with a bear in "Hold the Light Steady (P2)", Pierre risked his life to fight the bear for Percy. As they left the cavern, Percy gave Pierre a kiss on the cheek, and ran off. In "The Case of the Stolen Sword", Pierre defended Percy, even though he was clearly guilty of stealing the sword. Finally, in "Mackey Moose Clubhoose", when the Yellow Team gets a lawsuit for making their mascot a moose named Mackey Moose, which is a huge corporate giant, Pierre sneaks in to become their lawyer, and helps them win the case.

In the episode "Pining Kidz Club", you can hear a background character whisper "Pierre dated that guy." This is debatable, though, as some people hear the character whisper "Pierre fought a bear". However, it is generally accepted that they are a couple, as they have been shown hugging multiple times.


Pierre is good friends with Phoenix. Not much else is known about these two.


Pierre adores Paulette. He does anything to be with her. He tries to get as close as possible to her but he is too ignorant to notice that makes her very uncomfortable.


  • Pierre's great grandfather is Patrick Pavon, the founder of the White Team.