Puck Goodfellow is a camper at Camp Pining Hearts. He is a member on the White Team.

Appearance Edit

Puck Goodfellow has black eyes and curly brown hair that is usually in his eyes. In fact, his eyes are visible exactly three times over the course of two seasons.



On multiple occasions, Pacifica has mocked Puck for being interested in Shakespeare. She is even shown burning one of his journals that contains Shakespeare quotes. When she was confronted for ruining his dream journal, she said she did NOT and Camp Counselor Jonah should send him to the counselor's office and have him expelled.


Paco supports Puck's interests and helps him study Shakespeare. In addition, when Puck is believed to be crying when he was talking about how he is constantly moving, Paco comforts him and tells him that they will always be friends.

Trivia Edit

  • Puck is a huge Shakespeare fan and is determined to have the complete works memorized by the time he graduates high school. He seems to be well on his way with this goal if his tendency to curse and make exclamations with Shakespeare quotes is anything to go by. (the show gets away with a lot of language by doing this)
  • He currently holds the record for 'Most instances of getting Poison Ivy per week' according to both Puck and the camp nurse.
  • Puck seems to have no interest in any sort of romance for himself. He does enjoy 'stirring up the pot' though.
  • It would be easy to label him an unapologetic trickster but time and time again when he sees his actions have caused someone real (emotional) harm, he explains himself and apologizes to them. He gets better with this as the series goes.
  • In the episode 'Castle of Cards' Puck reveals that because his parents move around all the time for work, he has never been to a school longer than one month before. He has real difficulty making and keeping friends because of this. Every camper gives him their address with the promise to not lose touch after summers end.
  • Puck might or might not have cried, it is unclear to both campers and viewers.